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Our Favorite Fabric

Every day, it seems, we come across another bolt of fabric that captivates us--and we love fabric so much that we just have to share it. It may be a fabric that just arrived...or it may be a print that has been here for a long time, overshadowed by its companions or just lost in the dizzying array of colors on our shelves. So on this page we want to share that joy of (re)discovery with you--and give you a chance to have some of that fabric at a special price. Just one word of caution: If you see something you like, don't hesitate--the current choices displayed on this page are 20% off for two weeks only--Our Favorite Fabric (and its discount) will quickly move on to other deserving candidates.

Or if you just want to look over our shoulders as we talk about our previous choices, we have an archive of past favorites here.

So here goes...

March 10th: Swimmers by Naomi Wilkinson

Michael says: I think this print from Naomi Wilkinson's Simple Pleasures collection is absolutely delightful for a whole bunch of little reasons. First of all, it just looks like fun--after months of winter, and even more months of pandemic, being able to go for a leisurely swim sounds heavenly! The variety of the poses reflects the many pleasures to be had: there are determined swimmers, casual divers, waders alone and in convivial pairs, sunbathers, and even a pair of girls playfully splashing each other. And I just love the clear colors and unmodeled artwork, which reminds me of those wonderful travel posters from the 1930s and 40s.