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Our Favorite Fabric

Every day, it seems, we come across another bolt of fabric that captivates us--and we love fabric so much that we just have to share it. It may be a fabric that just arrived...or it may be a print that has been here for a long time, overshadowed by its companions or just lost in the dizzying array of colors on our shelves. So on this page we want to share that joy of (re)discovery with you--and give you a chance to have some of that fabric at a special price. Just one word of caution: If you see something you like, don't hesitate--the current choices displayed on this page are 20% off for one week only--Our Favorite Fabric (and its discount) will quickly move on to other deserving candidates.

Or if you just want to look over our shoulders as we talk about our previous choices, we have an archive of past favorites here.

So here goes...

July 23rd: Shanty Town by Brandon Mably

It’s easy enough to see why this is my current Favorite Fabric. It’s a Brandon Mably design called “Shanty Town,” though if it’s a shanty town, it’s one where I’d want to live. I think it must be on the Mediterranean coast, maybe a Greek island. Best of all, there’s a sun-soaked daytime colorway and there’s also a blue version that looks like dusk. (One customer remarked that this looks like Meredith Britt fabric. If you don’t know Meredith’s collage works, visit El Zocalo Gallery, right next door to ThreadBear, and you’ll see what he means!)

Sure, this print would make an outstanding summertime tote bag, but I think its quilting potential is enormous. It would make a stunning border, but the scale is small enough that you shouldn’t be afraid to use pieces as block elements. Consult your stash (or ThreadBear) for some color-saturated solids and go to town! SHANTY TOWN!

December 6th: Critter Patch Organic by Alyssa Thomas

We feel good about this new collection for a whole host of reasons. The prints are adorable, the colors are pleasing, and they feel great. And Critter Patch is organic, so you can feel good about giving it to your loved ones, without worrying so much about the environmental impact of the cotton's production or about the VOCs and other chemicals that might be present in conventionally processed fabrics. Critter Patch is, by any reckoning, very good children's fabric and therefore a worthy addition to ThreadBear's inventory.

But what really gets me excited about this fabric--the reason I have plastered it all over our home page and featured it in the shop--comes down to value. Ever since we opened five years ago, we have been trying to find more organic fabrics. They are certainly out there, and many of them are every bit as fresh and attractive as conventional cottons. But manufacturers have been able to command a premium of up to 50% for organics, placing them effectively out of reach for our budget-conscious customers. Now, at last, we are able to bring you organic fabric that is both just as good as conventional cottons and just as affordable!

There are other reasons that this is one of Our Favorite Fabrics (as if more were needed!). Although little kids will be delighted with the charmingly rendered woodland animals in Critter Patch, it may be a little unfair to pigeonhole this as "baby fabric." It is cute in a disarming, stylistically modern way to which all ages will respond. Designer Alyssa Thomas has also done a whole bestiary of animal embroidery patterns that can be used with Critter Patch...I have been having fun with these as well, and you can, too--they are absolutely within the range of anyone who can sew a basic running stitch. 

We are pleased to offer the entire Critter Patch collection at 20% off this week to our online I need to say that, made up as a quilt or as clothing, this wonderful (organic) fabric would make a great gift!