Amy Butler channels Hiroshige in this great rasterized print from her new Glow collection! Huge violas on a bold blue background, new from Alexander Henry... Great new geckos soaking up the Southwestern motifs like chameleons!  An opulent print reminiscent of stained glass, the perfect companion for almost any Christmas project!

Cowboy Quilt Challenge Winners Announced

Yup, you read that right--"winners" plural! The judges of the Cowboy Quilt Challenge, sponsored by ThreadBear and the Chicken River Modern Quilt Guild, selected two very different quilts to share the top prize.
Challenged to create a quilt that reflected "the history, life, landscape, or culture of the Southwestern cowboy," Sharen Arelliano of Albuquerque offered a well-composed and -executed quilt using new fabrics in blues, cream, and burgundy.


Betty Dunbar of Las Vegas took a different approach, creating a delightfully homey and rustic log cabin quilt that could come right out of some cowpoke's saddlebags through the use of old shirtings and vintage prints.

Congratulations to both Sharen and Betty, each of whom will receive a $100 gift certificate from ThreadBear. We hope you will take the opportunity to come to the Bear and see the quilts in person while they are on display this month.

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